Tip Over Resistant Debris Retaining Omni Directionally Mobilized Rack For Wood Logs´╗┐

Our objective of the present invention is to provide a novel fireplace and woodstove implement for hauling, receiving, omnidirectional mobilizing and storing precut wood for use in your home, wood shop, or garage. Just load it up at the door and roll it to your fireplace or woodstove. No more backaches, no more mud on your floors when using the wood rack. You can even be creative and use it to move other items such as books, plants, etc. The rack's unique U shape gives it a low center of gravity, making it substantially tip over resistant. The U shape pan catches and prevents debris from discharging underneath the wood rack. It is constructed of sturdy 1x1/4" tubular metal with a U shaped metal pan welded to the pipes. It's light but strong. It also has attached casters, which are detachable if so desired. Each pipe is capped with a black polyethylene ball head plug. The metal is finished with a baked powder black coating. The size of the unit is 24" x 26-1/2" x 18". It also has an easy break down capability for storage and shipping. Empty weight is 22 pounds. Total weight capacity is 275 pounds.

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Rigidly Mounted Cab Guard with Lights Adapted with Shock Absorbing Lights Cavity Caps

Rigidly Mounted Cab Guard with Lights Adapted with Shock Absorbing Lights Cavity Cups. It protects the rear window and cab of a truck while hauling large loads. It also, increases your trucks visibility when hauling large loads, pulling a trailer, or moving farm equipment. The lights also, give the truck more visibility when breaking, turning, or even when your lights are on. With the shock absorbing light cavity cups, it is good for highway, rough road, or off road driving. A metal net protects the rear window if your load would happen to shift while braking. The cab guard is easily mounted on your truck with four bolts. The light bar has a red parking light on both outside ends. They may be changed to amber color lights and be used as turn signals. The amber color lights, recessed on each corner, are visible from both the front and back of the truck. They are used as turn signals, and can be wired with the side lights, if you like. All are easy to wire. In the center of the bar is a recessed extra brake light. Also, easy to wire. There is some optional equipment that you may want to install on the top of the light bar. One item is an extra back up light which is installed in the middle of the top of the bar. It will give you more light while backing up. It also, may be used as a loading and unloading light. It is easy to wire, and requires an additional toggle switch on the dash. The other optional equipment is a pair of capped fog lights. These are mounted on top of the bar at each corner. They are good for off road visibility. An extra toggle switch is needed on the dash, and they are very easy to wire. The Rigidly Mounted Cab Guard with Lights, Adapted with Shock Absorbing Lights Cavity, Cups: was invented to increase your trucks visibility while loaded or unloaded. This also, goes along with todays safety awareness equipment. Contact me for details on all the paper work needed to be done for the business exchange, and price for both patents.

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